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Designed by Mark Stubbs

Stravalyzer is an application for creating challenges using your Strava account.

How it works: you choose a time period from the past from which the results of your activities (distance, time, speed and elevation gain) become targets for you to attain over the same amount of time in the present.

As an example, I have set up a cycling challenge where I have selected December 2016 as my target period, and started the challenge on the first day of March 2017.

These screen shots were taken on 13th March 2017 when I was 13 days into my challenge

Stravalyzer gathers your result stats from both time periods and puts them together showing your current results, your target and where you were at at the same point in time back in the target period.

Stravalyzer also shows your distance, time, speed and elevation gain on a worm graph to give a clear visual representation

To use Stravalyzer you need to log on to your own Strava account through the link below, you will then be redirected to the authorisation page where you authorise the Stravalyzer application to obtain your activity data.

When you authorise Stravalyzer to obtain your data, you will be redirected to the Stravalyzer application

Note - Only you will be able to view your Strava data

Click the link below to log on to Stravalyzer through your Strava account

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